While that week of rainy weather was good for all the plants we are trying to grow, it’s going to create some issues with tree leaves down the road. Not fatal issues for trees, but issues that we see every year when we have a wet spell in spring. While the following items are not going to be all inclusive, it will hit a bunch of the problems.

There are numerous minor leaf diseases that can cause problems after a week of wet weather. Maple and elm trees can get various leaf spots from anthracnose or taphrina leaf blister that may knock a fair number of leaves off. Most of the time, the small spots on the leaves will be easily enough to see. The leaves often turn yellow and come fluttering off a few weeks down the road. Ash trees are likely to exhibit swelling and distortion on the leaves from ash rust. Once the symptoms of the disease are evident, it is far too late to treat, but the damage these diseases do is so minimal that other than being a bit of a nuisance, it’s nothing to worry about.

CHUCK OTTE is the agricultural and natural resources agent with the Geary County Extension Office.

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