The Lazy Wayne Band, the Kansas native red-dirt-style country music group, is coming to Junction City on Friday to perform at Rosebuds Bar.

Ashten Bristow, co-owner of Rosebuds Bar, said the band played at the bar for the first time in October 2020, and since then, she has asked the band back five more times. She said she will likely continue to invite the band back every few months because of how much people like to hear it.

“The band is very fun and brings in a lot of local business that come around from Abilene and the surrounding areas,” she said. “They have some great originals.”

Lead vocalist Dallas Pryor founded the group in 2016 in Abilene, where he grew up. In 2019, the group, consisting of Pryor, lead guitarist Marc Houser, bass guitarist Sam Williams and drummer Travis Breese, released its debut EP “About Damn Time,” and by October 2020, its song “Don’t Really Know” was a red dirt and Texas county radio single.

Bristow said aspects of the group that people enjoy are how authentic and relatable their music is and their energy on the stage.

“There is kind of a thirst for real county [music],” Pryor said. “You don’t really get that around this area, and there is a thirst for it. … It’s the style of music that people want around here.”

Pryor joked that the band's style of music is “flint-dirt music” because of its Flint Hills area location.

A few of the band's most popular songs include its first song, “DK County Dream,” as well as a song it just put out this year titled, “Through Topeka.” Pryor said the band will play those songs, along with a long list of other originals and covers — as many as 45 — at the event Friday.

“If there was one overarching theme, it’s authenticity. It’s just real,” he said. “We really want people to come out and have a good time.”

Bristow said Pryor is also a large advocate of other local bands and music groups, and he attends their shows to support them. The band has many supporters in the area, as Pryor said there are always old and new friends guaranteed to show up at the events.

Although he and his group now play their music in many different locations, Pryor said the area where he grew up will always be a special place to perform for him. In addition to friends, he said family members still live in the area, and many come to see his band perform when he comes back.

The performance will take place on night one of Rosebud’s Two Nights of Halloween event at the bar at 215 E. 8th St. in Junction City. The event will include a costume contest for the categories of scariest, best duo/trio/group, funniest and the most original. Prizes will go to the winners.

The Lazy Wayne Band’s music is available on all major music applications, including YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes and others. Pryor said the group is getting ready to record another album, which people can look for within the first few months of the new year. To learn more, visit its website at

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