CLAY CENTER — For some 2022 was a year of hardship. A year they do not want to repeat. For others, it was a year of success and they want 2023 to build on it. Whatever last year was like, or whatever you hope for in the new year, I pray the Lord God will bring a spiritual change that will impact the rest of your life. Such is one man’s story from centuries ago.

According to the Bible, there was once an unknown jailer who oversaw the prisoners in the ancient city of Philippi. It was part of the Roman Empire. As he was working in the prison, he overheard an uproar in the city. Soon the doors were swung open and authorities brought him two men named Paul and Silas, and ordered them bound. He had never met the men before. They were from out of town and had been beaten and bloodied by officials. He learned they were arrested for promoting some type of religious customs that were foreign to the citizens of Philippi.

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