JC First Donation to Aging Well

In picture left to right are: Chris Heldstab, Dr. John Kovac, LaDonna Junghans, Sue Kollhoff, and Keith Henry

Junction City First Board of Directors, a group focused on economic development business expansion and attraction, recently voted unanimously to donate $20,000 to Aging Well at the Spring Valley Campus.

Sue Kollhoff, chairman of JC First, commented, “Aging Well will bring 40 additional jobs, revenue, and infrastructure to Junction City. This falls right in line with our mission to promote the development of the community through the attraction and retention of industry and business by providing the necessary resources that will enable local growth in investments, jobs, infrastructure, and education.”

Phase 1 of the plan for Aging Well includes building three small homes providing skilled nursing services and an additional home providing assisted living services. Phase 2 will include independent housing options, a clubhouse, and other opportunities to incorporate other supportive services. The campus will be built on donated land located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Hwy 77 and Hwy 18. The culture of the campus will be centered around purpose, empowerment, and providing honorable care. The non-profit organization is community-based and lead by a volunteer Board of Directors.

“We are grateful for the support JC First has given to our project. With pledges and donations, we have now reached $2.1 million of our $3.5 million goal.” shared LaDonna Junghans, Co-Chairman of Aging Well’s board.

For information about the Aging Well project or becoming a supporter, contact any board member or go to www.agingwellseniorliving.com.

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