The USD 475 Board of Education unanimously approved a security specialist position for Junction City High School.

The full-time position will be responsible for staff at the new security center at the school, train and support the staff and assist in day-to-day activities. Whoever attains the position will also serve as a liaison for the administration team.

David Wild, chief operation officer for the school district, said the new high school has a command and control center in it with a security operations office. He said the district’s vision is to grow that center into a district-wide command and control center.

“We’re just now starting to build it out with high school security in mind,” he said. “We believe that we can recruit somebody with the skillset needed for this position for a fully loaded rate of about $65,000-$70,000 a year.”

Wild said the position is for the high school currently, but it the center will grow into security for the entire district.

“That security center will have camera capability into every school in the district. We’ve already placed the cameras in the schools,” he said. “The current security office, manned by Scott Clark, our emergency manager, he and his staff can view every school in the district. We want to migrate that into the high school center when we build that out. It will start local high school and expand over time.”

As the center expands, Wild said the burden to hire staff for security will fall onto the IT Department. He said additional staff will likely be necessary as the district increases the technology required to support the new security system.

Wild said staff will work with Tim Winter, director of Personnel Services, to develop the new position’s job description and start the recruiting process.

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