Junction City Main Street logo reveal

Jacob Keehn (left) and Terry Butler (right) unveil the new Junction City Main Street logo, which Keehn designed while Brad Johnson (center) looks on. JC Main Street held a contest to determine the new logo which was unveiled last week at a meeting.

The votes are in and Jacob Keehn of Junction City is the winner of the Junction City Main Street logo competition.

Keehn, who works as a graphic designer for the Junction City Union, learned Thursday night that he’d won the contest.

“it was very exciting,” he said. “I was very happy because I did work pretty hard on it.”

Keehn said he had tried his best when crafting his design to follow what Main Street officials had asked for in an initial press release announcing the contest. He said he was surprised but pleased to learn that he had won.

“I guess when I entered I didn’t necessarily know how many entries there were going to be,” Keehn said.

But when he finally saw all the logos and the other finalists, he said he did want his to win.

The new logo was unveiled to the public at the JC Main Street meeting Thursday night.

It will be the organization’s logo for the foreseeable future, according to Nate Butler of JC Main Street.

“I think that’s pretty exciting,” Keehn said. “I’m pretty excited to see exactly what the final one will be because they did say there were going to be some revisions.”

What those revisions will be remain to be seen, Keehn said.

“It’s my understanding that it’s going to be basically the same design but just with some small tweaks,” he said. “So I’m kind of curious what that’s going to be, because they haven’t gotten back with me yet on exactly what those are. But it’s like any project — any design project you do — you’re going to have some revisions.”

Keehn is interested to know what the final version of the logo will be, he said.

“I’m just grateful for the opportunity,” he said. “I like that they have these opportunities for local artists and things. I’m just really glad I did go ahead and enter.”

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