Multiple representatives from local businesses, nonprofits and other groups gathered in Heritage Park for the Junction City Chamber of Commerce’s annual Junction City Expo Sept. 1.

Members of the public filled the park, going from booth to booth talking with local business owners and learning more about what the community has to offer.

Above the loud music from a DJ hired to work at the event was the sound of chainsaws revving.

Witt’s Mowing and Tree Service of Junction City brought attention to its booth by showing off crew members’ tree pruning skills on a tree in Heritage Park.

Owner Rich Witt said he had talked with city officials and found a tree in the park that needed some dead branches trimmed from it. Witt said he felt the live-action demonstration would draw attention to them in a way nothing else would.

“We do tree trimming and stuff and it was a way to promote our tree work and stuff like that,” he said. “People will hear it and look at see.”

And it worked.

Early on, Witt said the display grabbed attention and garnered questions from attendees.

The 12th Street Community Center had a booth at the annual event.

Maddison Walsh represented the community center.

She said the event started slow, but picked up as time went on. Walsh said the community center’s booth drew a lot of positive attention from attendees.

“I think a lot of people didn’t know about us,” she said. “It’s kind of nice to get our face out there and our image kind of out there. So it seems to have at least helped spread it a little more.”

This was the community center’s first time having a presence at the annual expo.

“I think it’s going to let people know that we’re there and that there’’s other things out in the city just besides the main stuff,” Walsh said. “There’s little hidden gems everywhere.”

Tammy Sheaffer of Junction City, a Chamber member who sells Xyngular weight loss system out of her own home, also had a booth at the event. She attended as part of her membership with the Chamber. She used the event as a networking opportunity.

“I can go to the events and network with other businesses here,” Sheaffer said. “I’ve already met several people.”

Nate Butler represented Junction City Main Street at the expo, where he helped gather votes in the Main Street Logo contest.

He said hundreds of people had voted in the competition, online and at the expo.

“The turnout was really good tonight,” Butler said.

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