JC Breakfast Optimist Club Guest Speaker Was Kathy Tremont

Pictured: (left) Kathy Tremont, Geary County Treasurer; (right) Don Manley, JC Breakfast Optimist Club President

The guest speaker at the September 29 gathering of the JC Breakfast Optimist Club was Geary County Treasurer, Kathy Tremont. Kathy has worked in that position for 44 years. Kathy stated she has “eleven staff members and half of those have twenty plus years of experience. They are committed and dedicated to the people of Geary County”.

She also told the Optimists that these last two years of COVID and changes in systems in her department has been a challenge. “Our staff is committed to serving our customers as best we can.” She even described walking with customers to help them put their new license plate on their car after registering the vehicle. “Forty-four thousand vehicles are registered each year in Geary County.”

Digital license plates are now available including specialty plates that have an additional charge ranging from $25 to $50.00. Some examples of these plates include a Kansas State University logo; 4-H; Ducks Unlimited and others.

Kathy also stated to the group that there is a new appointment system available to use at the Treasurer’s Office. “The new system makes it possible for an appointment to be made in advance and get reminders on the person’s cell phone or by email about the appointment. This is like what some restaurants use to take reservations and to avoid long wait times.”

Another new system being used is the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). This system is an electronic system that gives valuable information about a vehicle’s condition and history. With the NMVTIS, it is possible to find vehicle information such as title data, most recent odometer reading, history of make and model, and theft records, but not maintenance or repair history or information about manufacturer recalls. It is a software tool maintained by American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. It uses data bases from state titling agencies, car recyclers, junk and salvage yards and insurance carriers to produce its reports.

The JC Breakfast Optimist Club meets every Wednesday at the Hampton Inn in Junction City. Those who attend for the first time will be the club’s guest for the breakfast buffet. Breakfast is served at 6:30 AM and the meetings begin at 6:50 AM.

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