Two COVID-19 deaths have been added to the Geary County Health Department’s total since last week’s update.

The community’s death toll from the virus now sits at 28.

Over the course of the last week, 27 new cases of the virus were identified in the community by the health department and 34 people listed as having recovered from their illness, leaving the health department’s total of known, active cases of the virus at 37.

As of the health department’s most recent update, there were three people hospitalized with the virus in the community.

According to the health department’s most recent update as of press time Monday, there have been a total 1,774 cases of the virus in the community and 1,707 recoveries noted.

According to the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment, Geary County has had far more cases of COVID-19 than the health department lists. The KDHE lists Geary County as having experienced a total of 3,627 cases of the virus since the pandemic first arrived here last spring.

This difference of 1,853 has been attributed to Fort Riley numbers by the health department. The health department only receives local numbers, while the state receives both local numbers and numbers from on the Army base. The KDHE lists Geary County’s death toll at 42, of which 25 were men and 17 were women.

Though Geary County lags behind some other Kansas counties in terms of the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated, the KDHE’s website indicates Geary County is now ahead of several other communities in the state for vaccinations.

Full information about local and statewide vaccination rates can be located at the KDHE’s website online any time.

Data about COVID-19 cases, deaths and variants in Geary County and in the state at large can be found online at on the KDHE’s website.

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