The Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson were bustling with activity in mid-September. 4-H members from all over the state were participating in judging contests, showing animals, and having exhibits judged as part of the Kansas State Fair. In order to participate in judging contests, the 4-H members had to compete and qualify at local contests. In order to enter a project in the state fair, 4-H members must have received a purple ribbon at the county fair or completed the animal nomination process.

The following are results for the Geary County 4-H members who exhibited.

Evelyn Alexander, photography – blue;

Chelsey Armbruster, photography – blue, senior photography judging contest – participant;

Braden Blockcolsky, intermediate photography judging contest – participant;

Colden Blockcolsky, photography – red, intermediate photography judging contest – participant;

Layla Bradley, fiber arts macramé – white, foods educational exhibit – blue;

Lillyana Bradley, foods educational exhibit – red, wildlife educational display – red;

Cody Brown, crossbred market hog – class 10th, Gelbvieh/Balancer breeding heifer – breed reserve champion;

Kaycee Brown, photography – blue, Gelbvieh/Balancer breeding heifer – class champion, crossbred market beef – class champion;

Kacey Butler, Southdown breeding ewe – class 3rd and class 6th, commercial breeding ewe – class 9th, crossbred market lamb – class 5th, Southdown market lamb – class 3rd;

Kaitlyn Butler, Berkshire market hog – class 8th, crossbred market hog – class 9th, breeding doe – class 11th, market meat goat – class 12th, commercial breeding ewe – class 5th;

Brittney Dibben, photography – blue, foods – red;

Deyton Dibben, photography – red, foods – red;

Kourtney Dibben, photography – blue;

Gracie Erichsen, photography – blue, food preservation dried food – red;

Clara Gfeller, foods – blue;

Emmy Gfeller, fiber arts macramé – purple;

Addison Gibson, photography – blue;

Caden Goodyear, wildlife educational display – red;

Tava Gustafson, photography – purple, fiber arts knitting – purple, market meat goat – class 5th, 11th and 13th, Hereford market beef – class champion;

Madalynn Harold, photography – red, foods – blue, food preservation sweet spreads – participation;

Olivia Harold, woodworking – red;

Cody Haycook, photography – blue;

Olivia Kline, photography – purple;

Karley Kramer, photography – blue, senior photography judging contest – participant;

Cori Leasure, photography – purple, intermediate dog showmanship – blue;

Hannah Leasure, photography – blue, fresh culinary herbs – purple;

Travis Leasure, photography – blue;

Hanna Miller, garden flower – white;

Wyatt Miller, foods – purple;

Macie Muto, visual arts – purple, buymanship fashion revue – purple, senior photography judging contest – participant;

Brock Nabus, photography – blue;

Jada Nabus, photography – blue, foods – red;

Morgan Nabus, photography – blue, wildlife educational display – white, intermediate photography judging contest – 11th place;

Ava Oentrich, foods – white, woodworking – blue, constructed fashion revue – blue;

Eliot Oentrich, clothing and textiles – blue, foods – blue;

Grady Oentrich, foods – blue, woodworking – blue;

Lorelei Olson, photography – blue, foods – purple, food preservation dried food – purple;

Shevy Olson, photography – white, food preservation dried food – purple;

Zoey Peterson, photography – blue;

Grant Roeser, visual arts – purple;

Jacob Roeser, photography – purple, clothing and textiles – purple, visual arts – blue;

Paige Roeser, photography – blue, clothing and textiles – purple, Eloise Ryan, fiber arts quilting – red;

Creytin Sanner, photography – 2 blue;

Sebastian Schultz, robotics – blue;

Grant Slough, reining – champion, ranch horse trail – champion, western pleasure – 3rd, ranch horse rail – 4th, english pleasure – 6th, horse showmanship – 10th, horse trail – 10th, stock-type geldings – participant, horsemanship – participant;

Cade Snider, foods – white;

Austin Sohnrey, foods – red;

Amelia Strauss, foods – red;

Charles Strauss, foods – red, intermediate photography judging contest – participant;

Josie Strauss, shooting sports educational display – blue;

Meilia Taylor, photography – blue, fiber arts needle art – blue;

Clara West, photography – blue;

Adrian Williams, photography – blue, foods – blue, food preservation dried food – blue;

Jewels Williams, photography – blue and Rock Springs Display Selection, foods – white, food preservation tomato products – participation, food preservation dried food – blue.

Each of these 4-H members should be commended for their hard work and determination as they look forward to another 4-H year. For more information on the Geary County 4-H Program contact Ginger Kopfer at Geary County K-State Research and Extension at 785-238-4161.

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