Bryan Bliss of Junction City said one of his primary reasons for running for office is concern about the way the country is heading.

“I’m basically unhappy with the direction this country’s been going in,” he said. “So I’ve decided to jump in there.”

One of Bliss’ stated goals is to prevent the teaching of critical race theory — a college-level course specifically taught in law schools —from being taught in Junction City/Geary County schools.

“I would like to continue to see that critical race theory will not enter into our school district and the 1619 project,” he said.

Bliss also hopes to introduce a curriculum based around the teachings of Dave Ramsey, an Evangelical talk show host who focuses on financial advice.

According to Bliss, Ramsey teaches integrity with money, offers help with understanding of how to properly budget one’s money and to “just basically understand money, how finances work, how to do a checkbook properly and the disadvantages of being in debt — just stuff like that.”

Ramsey offers a curriculum for Kindergarten through Seniors in high school, Bliss said, which he would like to see employed in Geary County schools.

“Also I’d like to see Relate 360 implemented into our district, which goes back to integrity in relationships with our children and youth growing up,” Bliss said.

If elected, he foresees himself being a voice for the people.

“I’m a strong advocate for the family and the parents,” Bliss said. “I think there’s a lot of critical rights that we need to make sure that the parents are involved. And I think the teachers need to feel like they’re appreciated and their own personal beliefs are being respected. They should not worry about their employment (being endangered) for any of their beliefs.”

If he is elected, this will be his first time holding public office.

Learning more about the system and coming to understand how it works, working with the Junction City Education Association, doing the annual budget and working with other board members as a team are challenges Bliss anticipates running into if he is elected.

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