Another candidate for Convention and Visitors Bureau Director will have a chance to interview for the open position after a glitch was discovered that prevented her resumé from showing up among the position’s initial candidates.

CVB board members had questioned why the candidate, who has CVB experience elsewhere in the state, seemed to have been passed over by the commission.

Board member Rick Dykstra knew the candidate in question and was in contact with her.

Dykstra was concerned initially that the candidate’s information had not come up in discussions and that the commission had offered someone the job without interviewing her.

“She did everything she was supposed to do,” Dykstra said of the candidate.

The Junction City Union reached out to CVB board President Florence Whitebread and board member Adam Wilkey last week about the matter after an anonymous source called with information about the director situation.

“We had the first interviews and we weren’t happy with any of them in that position,” Whitebread said of the initial candidates.

She said the CVB advisory board had requested the county’s HR department continue searching.

“There was a person we had heard from western Kansas who was interested in applying and she was going to apply,” Whitebread said.

But this candidate’s name did not come up in discussions — it would turn out her information was lost due to a computer glitch.

Whitebread said she was concerned because no one on the hiring board had approved the initial candidates.

Wilkey was as well.

“The only thing I know is that the deadline for the application was I believe the 27th — which was Friday — and (the candidate) had indicated to some people that were on the hiring committee that she was going to be putting in an application,” Wilkey said. “So it was a surprise on Monday at the commission meeting when the HR director indicated that no one had applied.”

He said the hiring committee followed up with the candidate, who supplied them with a timestamp from when she had submitted her application.

She had applied the afternoon of June 12.

“We want to find the best person for the job and we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to get an interview and to be considered,” Wilkey said.

Wilkey reached out to commissioners, including Commissioner Alex Tyson, who he said he had a somewhat tense initial conversation with.

Tyson admitted in a phone call last week that the conversation between himself and Wilkey had been tense.

“It didn’t go well,” Tyson said of the conversation. “He called. I told him that I had already had talked with our HR director and she’s looking into it.”

Tyson said he was uncomfortable with the fact that the candidate had reached out to board members instead of the county’s HR to ask questions about the application and said he did not feel it was the job of the CVB board to tell him as a commissioner what to do.

“I’m not going to do what a board member is telling me to do because of how they feel about a situation,” he said. “That’s not going to happen. That will never happen. So he got upset.”

According to County Commission Chair Trish Giordano, the CVB board is an advisory board not a board of directors. As an advisory board, the CVB board does not make the final decision on who is hired to fill the directorship.

That said, the candidate will have a chance to interview for the director position now that her information has been located and it has been determined that the candidate did submit her application on time.

“She looks like she’s got a lot of experience,” Giordano said of the candidate. “So does the guy that we offered the job to, but because there wasn’t anything set in stone we’re able to interview her. It wasn’t fair that there was a glitch in the system.”