TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) announces the launch of a new employment program for individuals with disabilities. Supports and Training for Employing People Successfully (STEPS) provides employment and independent living supports, enabling them to increase their income while gradually decreasing their reliance on Social Security and other public benefits.

STEPS is a pilot program that launched July 1 and is facilitated by a Community Services Coordinator who helps participants prepare for employment, increase independence, receive/maintain health care coverage, and provide on-going supports to help maintain employment. STEPS services are provided by community agencies with the experience to successfully support people with disabilities to reach and maintain their employment goals. The program is scheduled to run through 2023 and if successful, it may be extended.

The eligibility requirements for STEPS are as follows:

Must be a KanCare beneficiary aged 16 to 65, and

Must qualify under one of the following criteria:

Individuals who receive SSI or SSDI and have one or more qualifying behavioral health diagnoses;

Individuals who receive SSI and are waitlisted for the Physical Disability (PD) or Intellectual or Developmental Disability (I/DD) home and community-based services waiver; or

Individuals who are current on the Brain Injury (BI), Physical Disability (PD), or Intellectual or Developmental Disability (I/DD) home and community-based services waiver who wish to leave their waiver to participate in STEPS.

To enroll or if you have questions, please contact the STEPS Program Manager. Those community providers who may also be interested in participating or learning more are also asked to contact the STEPS Program Manager.

More information about STEPS can be found on

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