After the welcome home party held by the Military Affairs Council in 2019 for returning soldiers, MAC Director Craig Bender wanted to hold something similar for military spouses.

Specifically, he wanted to find a way to welcome soldiers’ spouses to the community and show them around. Military families are typically here for two years — just enough time to get to know the community and its resources — before they leave again.

So March 17, the MAC will hold a “spouse welcome” from 10 a.m. until about 2 p.m. which will bus military spouses around the community to key spots and to three participating local businesses to teach them about the community. A bus will pick up spouses from the parking lot of the USO on Fort Riley at 9:30 a.m. and another bus will pick up spouses from the PX parking lot on post at 9:45 a.m. and transport them to the Junction City Municipal Building. Spouses who wish to drive themselves to the event are welcome to do so.

At 10 a.m. after everyone has gathered at the municipal building at 700 N. Jefferson, spouses will be bussed to locations around town, including Magnolias Boutique, Jim Clark Chevrolet, and Godrey’s shooting range.

Lunch will be served at Godfrey’s at the end of the day and refreshments will be available at the other two businesses.

In addition these three stops, the tour will also stop by places of interest in Junction City, from such as Walmart to the athletic training center, according to Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Dawn Stephens. Participants will see the current Junction City High School, the site of the new JCHS, Junction City Middle School, Milford Lake, the Milford Nature Center, and similar sites.

“It’s just to familiarize them with the area,” Stephens said. “Let them see what we have.”

According to Stephens, this is an event the MAC would like to hold some time again in the future.

It’s a chance both to highlight local businesses and assets and to let military spouses know more about the community.

The event is free-of-charge to military spouses who wish to learn more about what there is to do in Junction City and the surrounding area.

There is room for 40 people. At this time, 27 have signed up. To take part, spouses who want a tour of their new community are welcome to contact the Chamber at 785) 762-2632 or by dropping by the office at 222 W. Sixth St. during business hours.

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