When Junction City High School Graduate and Gifted Student Alexander Seelye was invited to Fort Hays State University’s Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS) in 2019, his interest sparked.

As a then-sophomore in high school, Seelye felt he needed a stronger challenge, so he decided to apply. After discovering he was accepted into the program, Seelye packed his bags and headed to Hays that fall.

“You’re basically just a college student. You’re going to college, taking all college classes,” Seelye said. “But at the same time, you’re also getting [high school] credits and just leave two years early and start college.”

Two years later, in the spring of 2021, Seelye graduated with both a high school diploma and an associate degree.

“It was definitely a different vibe than high school… kind of living by yourself, learning a little bit of life skills by yourself,” Seelye said. “The professors were pretty nice. It was fun meeting them, making those connections. It was a good experience, I liked it.”

While attending Fort Hays, Seelye took 15 to 17 credit hours of college courses, ranging from calculus to physics to biology, learning key skills for college such as time management, social skills, and more.

“They all want to see us succeed,” Seelye said. “It was sad watching them watch us leave, saying everyone’s goodbyes, but we’ll see them eventually.”

Seelye will be continuing his education this fall at the University of Kansas, alongside his roommate from the KAMS program, to study in their engineering program.

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