Lisa Shappee

Kansas State University Salina has presented Lisa Shappee, director of instructional design and faculty support, with the 2021 Wagner Award for Outstanding Instructional Support.

SALINA — Lisa Shappee, director of instructional design and faculty support, is the recipient of the 2021 Wagner Award for Outstanding Instructional Support from Kansas State University Salina.

The Wagner Award recognizes an outstanding individual in distance learning administration innovation, excellent instructional support and leadership.

“Lisa demonstrates outstanding instructional support in the way she interacts with her colleagues, through her continuous exploration of new ideas, and by her dedication to the discipline of instructional design in higher education,” said Kirsten Zoller, director of K-State Salina professional education and outreach. “Lisa’s talent for understanding those she is working with, her commitment to quality work, and her practical approach to challenges to get to the best solution for all shows that she is an exceptional instructional design professional.”

Shappee has been at K-State Salina for 10 years. Before her current role, she worked as the library director/instructional designer and served as the director of library services. She earned Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Kansas and master’s degrees in library science and instructional design and technology from Emporia State University. She is currently enrolled in the curriculum and instruction doctoral program at K-State.

“Staying true to our campus mission, my way to support being student-centered is by making sure that students have a quality learning experience through technology,” Shappee said. “I can do this by being a resource for faculty to make their jobs easier — allowing them more time to focus on teaching.”

Besides developing technology support for courses at K-State Salina, she successfully implemented a project with the Kansas Department of Transportation’s certified inspector training program. The campus has worked with the department for 20 years by providing on-campus training. Shappee made 20 courses into an online format. This endeavor required her to support and edit 200 videos focused on lecture and lab experiences and organized them into learning management systems.

“My passion for instructional design emerged when the need for it grew on campus,” Shappee said. “Ever since then, I’ve been dedicated to continuing to advance in my field. The end result is always how we can keep improving student learning that benefits them as they move forward in their academic and professional careers.”

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