About 60 Junction City High School students greeted their teachers as they entered the new JCHS building for the first time to set up their new classrooms last week.

JCHS Senior Jada Nabus said they wanted to lift everyone’s spirits.

“We kind of just wanted to get some spirit going for our new school and kind of get people pumped up even though we were delayed two weeks because (the new school is) not all the way finished,” she said. “We just wanted to get teachers excited to be back and students involved in that and get some spirit and excitement going for the school year.”

Nabus said she is excited for the new school. She has been on tours of the new building twice, she said.

“It’s pretty amazing how big it is and just the opportunities that we’re going to have with all the new stuff that they’re putting in it educational-wise and on the athletic side of it,” Nabus said. “Just the amount of space we’re going to have compared to being crammed in that old building with all those kids.”

She said she looked forward to classes beginning and starting her senior year.

“I would just say that we’re just trying to spread positivity and excitement for the school year and excited to get into that new building and grateful for everything that has been given to us with that new building,” Nabus said.

Despite the schools requiring students to wear masks again this year, Nabus feels this year will be a return to normalcy as activities and classes resume — something she also highly anticipates.

JCHS Sophomore Armani Coleman was also part of the group that greeted teachers at the new school on their first day back.

“We thought it would be fun for us to get a group of us together that we haven’t seen in a while — just catch up with each other,” she said. “But we also thought it would be a god idea because the teachers are kind of stressed right now going into a new building — having to learn the building themselves last-minute — and then having to teach other people. So we thought it would just be fun for them to see smiling faces on a stressful day.”

Coleman said their teachers appreciated the gesture.

“The teachers loved it, we loved it,” she said. “Everyone thought it was a good idea.”

Like Nabus, she is eager to start the school year in the new building which she said will be less crowded.

“I feel like these new classrooms have a lot more space,” Coleman said. “There’s also a lot more learning opportunities because we have little labs downstairs.”

Freshman Braedon Stroda who was also part of the group who showed up to express their appreciation for their teachers.

“I think they liked us being there a lot,” he said.

Stroda said he was eager to begin his freshman year at the new school.

“I’m just excited to start school again and see my friends and get out of the house,” he said. “I’m looking forward to playing on the new football fields, seeing the new classrooms and all the new stuff that’s in the school.”

Stroda said he is happy to be part of the first JCHS freshman class in the new high school.

“We’ll be the first class to go all the way through,” he said.

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