The Greater Geary Community Foundation is holding its third annual Match Day to help raise money for nearly 40 area organizations.

$140,000 of matching funds have been pledged for this year’s event including $20,000 from the Central Charities Foundation, $20,000 for the Crosby Family Foundation and $100,000 from the R2B4 Bramlage Family Foundation.

“If it wasn’t for foundations like these stepping up to the plate, we wouldn’t be able to have a Match Day,” Greater Geary Community Foundation President Calvin Pottberg said.

People will be able to donate to 39 different organizations who are all members of the Greater Geary Community Foundation.

The amount raised by Match Day has majorly increased over the last couple years. In 2019, $98,350 was raised with $40,000 of additional matching money for 26 organizations and in 2020, $240,947 was raised with $125,000 of matching money for 34 organizations.

“All of these organizations have had the lightbulbs come on and they’ve figured out that they can make a lot more money doing this then they can selling cookies and candy,” Pottberg said. “This is more bang for the buck.”

People can make their pledges in person on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at the Junction City Municipal Building Auditorium at 700 North Jefferson Street from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Some of the organizations will have booths set up as an opportunity for community members to learn more about them.

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