To the editor: 

My name is Tim Brown, and I am the recently-retired Junction City Chief of Police. I served with the Junction City Police Department for 37-1/2 years and am writing this letter in support of Krista Blaisdell, candidate for Geary County Attorney. 

It has been my pleasure the last four years to have worked closely with Krista, who has served as the City of Junction City Municipal Court Prosecutor during that time. Prior to that, she worked in the private sector as a defense attorney with a local firm. Krista has prosecuted several thousands cases during her tenure with the city, and I have always found her to be a tough, honest, respectful and knowledgeable prosecutor. She was one of my closest advisors when it came to legal issues that arose from time to time. I used her on a number of occasions to educate my staff on legal issues that came up during case presentation and have always trusted her judgement to guide me when it came to matters involving how a case was prepared and presented by my officers to her office for review. 

Krista brings an energy to the work she does and a passion for the law that has been critical in the success she has had these past four years working for the city. I have worked with many prosecutors over my many years in law enforcement, and I am confident she possesses the skills and ability to handle the duties that the office of Geary County Attorney requires. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend Krista Blaisdell for the position of Geary County Attorney. I am sure that it is clear that I think highly of her, and believe that she will represent the citizens of Geary County honorably and to the best of her ability. 

Tim Brown

Junction City

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