I have frustration from the community meeting on the slaughterhouse.

The city officials need to be more concerned about the infrastructure in the city and updating the image of the city than worrying about industry. They need to fix the city. Junction City is not known as a nice place to live.

My greatest frustration from the Dec. 14 community meeting is being told that the slaughterhouse is going to be a state-of-the-art facility and that the smells won’t be bad. This is ridiculous! The smells of the animals and whatever they use for cleaning will be horrible. The sounds of the animals all day and night and the traffic of all the trucks hauling them will be nonstop.

I feel blindsided with finding out the city has known about this for over a year and residents are just finding out in the last few months. The city has not been upfront, because they are only thinking of their own best interest. How many meetings have they held with the family wanting to put this in? How many dinners in or out of state have they had with this family to talk about it? I feel the city is nothing but politics and it’s not about the people.

To hear the mayor stand up in front of us at the meeting and say he was honestly a little scared to be standing in front of all of us and then take a handful of questions was ridiculous.

To the councilwoman that said she just found out two months ago, I do not believe that at all. How is it that she works for us, the people, yet does not know what’s going on in the city and about a project this big until two months ago? Sounds to me the city is pushing politics more than caring what people in the area want.

If you think the slaughterhouse is a good idea, I would love to hear why. Then I would say, “Let’s build it in your backyard!”

By Kathleen Roudybush

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