To the editor: 

Are you as dissatisfied (upset? disappointed? disgusted?) with the two main party candidates running for President of the United States as I am?

If so, I want to recommend an alternative to voting for a person that goes against your conscience — vote for Evan McMullin. 

Who is Evan McMullin? He’s an independent conservative running for President. He’s already on his way to win all the electoral votes in Utah, making waves in Idaho, and has a good presence in several other states. 

What’s even better is that he is a good man and a good candidate. 

He has attracted voters from every religion, race, and political party, because his principles are honest, and he answers the questions asked him without avoiding or lying. 

In a state like Kansas, a conservative state that rejected Donald Trump in the primaries, wouldn’t it be prudent to vote for someone who could represent our conservative voice? 

Learn what you can about Evan McMullin. Find out for yourself if he best represents the kind of leader you want. 

His website is located at 

Write-in Evan McMullin this election. It doesn’t matter if he’s not on the ballot, you can still legally vote for him. 

Reject what we’ve been force-fed. Vote your conscience! 

Vote for someone you can believe in. I know I will. 

Cheryl S. Savage


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