To the editor: 

The County Attorney’s Office has been run like a good old boy’s club for more than 20 years. When John Taylor (Deputy County Attorney) informed Steve Opat that he was going to retire, Mr. Opat contacted Chris Biggs and offered him the position as Deputy County Attorney even though Chris left the office in the middle of his last term.

When it came time to offer contracts to attorneys, it was primarily the same attorneys who receive the contract year after year. A CASA volunteer sent a letter to the Commissioners complaining about how these contract attorneys assist parents/children in child in need of care cases, and that letter was forwarded to Steve Opat but nothing changed. 

This county attorney’s office was the only office in the State of Kansas to request two extensions when efiling became mandatory. This office was aware of the change for months prior but did nothing to prepare for the change. Chris was at the helm of the complaints. However, the District Court Trustee’s office implemented efiling six months prior to the mandatory date and their attorneys now bring a tablet to court instead of a rolling cooler loaded with files. 

This County Attorney’s office does not adapt well to change. I worked in the County Attorney’s office for five years and left for less pay after Chris Biggs came to work there. Another long-time secretary left that office a year later. There is a difference between leadership and management and that office needs future leadership. 

Yes, Chris had a felony offender convicted of a crime last year in a jury trial but he also gave a wealthy felony offender a sweet plea deal. Both had victims who were children. The good old boys club strikes again. Remember, your tax dollars pay for those salaries as well as the contract attorneys that are selected by the county attorney. 

Krista Blaisdell is smart, innovative and willing to make changes and help that office become the team they can be. Chris Biggs just wants to be top dog. Krista Blaisdell wants to lead and serve. Please vote for Krista Blaisdell Nov. 8. 

Vicky Budinas

Junction City

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