To the editor: 

It is about time again to look at the subject of airing the meetings of the 475 School board, on the television or the radio.  That is now that the meetings of the school board are routinely held in the Devin Center.

In the past when the subject of broadcasting the meetings came up, there was alway reasons (excuses) given for not doing it. The biggest excuse being, it would cost to much to purchase the equipment needed to broadcast the meeting.

It seems to me that; 1) a school district that can find several millions of dollars to purchase a computer for each student plus extra computers to replace those broken by students, 2) a school district that believes it can find 80 plus millions of dollars to build a new high school, 3) a school district that can find many thousands of dollars to send staff and board members to conferences, could find a few thousand of dollars to purchase the needed equipment to broadcast the school board meetings. That is broadcasting the meeting live or maybe even tape-delayed at published prescheduled times on Cox channel 22, the channel which is set aside for use by the 475 School district.

Along this same line I believe it is about time that Junction City find a way to fix their broadcasting system and again broadcast the City Commission meetings. That is since we the public were told that the system would be down for one meeting or at worst two meetings when the system was moved in the middle of last year.

At the same time it would be nice if the Geary County Commission would take a good look at purchasing some used equipment and trying to broadcast their meetings.

I know that neither the School Board or the two elected Commissions welcome this topic. This can be easily seen if you attend a few of their meetings.

As an example at the recent 475 School Board meeting a member of the school board made a motion for the school board to vote on. 

But the topic of the motion was for a different item on the agenda than the one being discussed at the time. 

This mistake was not caught until after the vote.  Then a short time after the vote the member that had made the wrong motion corrected the mistake and a new vote was taken.

It was than that a second school board member stated that it was good that they were not televised at that time. 

There was an easy laugh by the other members of the school board and the meeting went on.

There are many things wrong with this series of action by the school board. But one of the biggest things wrong is the fact that they do not want us to see what they are doing.

The broadcasting of their meetings would give the public another opportunity to witness what really happens.

Gerald L. Gerloff

Junction City

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