To the editor: 

Kansas banned dismemberment abortion April 7, 2015. On Jan. 22, 2016, (ironically the anniversary of Roe v. Wade) seven of the fourteen Kansas Court of Appeals judges blocked this ban saying that the “right” to dismember live babies in the womb is protected by our state Constitution.  They said they discovered this “right” in the 1859 Kansas state Constitution. Interestingly, abortion was illegal in every state in the nation in 1859, including Kansas, both before and after we became a state.  How many of you have researched this issue? I have and here is what is written, in part, in the Constitution of 1859: “SEC. 6. The Legislature shall provide for the protection of the rights of women, in acquiring and possessing property, real, personal and mixed, separate and apart from the husband; and shall also provide for their equal rights in the possession of their children.” That is it. I see nothing written in the Constitution that could be construed as allowing any abortion let alone dismemberment abortion.

 If you Google the Constitution you will find this in one of the topics: “Largely because of the efforts of Clarina Nichols, however, the Wyandotte Constitution did not totally ignore women’s rights . …The final version of the Wyandotte Constitution reflects Nichols’s influence. It included three provisions dear to her heart: women’s rights in child custody, married women’s property rights, and equality in matters pertaining to public schools.”

One thing these judges and pro-abortion activists are good at is twisting words to mean what they want. And for the most part our media goes along with them and will not report the whole truth of the story. Where was the investigative reporting on this issue? How could the media allow these judges to get away with such blatant misrepresentation of the Constitution? I challenge the Daily Union to investigate this and report on it, truthfully!

Here are the names of the activist judges to vote NO to retain on Nov 8: Court of Appeals: Steve Leben, Karen Arnold-Burger, Gordon Atcheson, Joseph Pierron, Jr. And Supreme Court judges up for retention who help protect unconstitutional practices in Kansas: Carol A. Beier, Dan Biles, Lawton R. Nuss, Marla Luckert.

I pray you will read this and do the right thing for the unborn babies and our state.

Janet Hahn


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