Some in the legislature are proposing a voucher program rebranded as a “savings account” to “help” rural communities, schools, and students. This is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and an effort to steal money from public education to fund private education. A voucher program i…

At the last USD 475 School Board meeting I again heard from the 475 school administration about how good the USD 475 school system is.  Because of this I started wondering just how far the very large amount of money that has been spent on new school buildings and computers and such has broug…

Did supporters and lobbyist of medical and recreational marijuana shoot themselves in the foot? It is called Delta-8, and it is making its presence felt in Kansas. Products containing delta-8-THC became widely available in most of the USA following the 2018 Farm Bill, and Kansas legalizing i…

What ever happened to the pride in doing a good days work for a fair days pay? Or, what has happened to being proud of doing a good hard days work.

Last Saturday while working on my family’s history/genealogy I was trying to find an obituary of someone who died about 3 years ago. I could not find the obituary on the internet. I could not find it on any of the websites that I normally find obituaries on. This did not surprise me as there…

I have had some time these last few weeks and I have driven around town to see what was happening in our community. Every time I turned a corner I seemed to run into a road construction project. Most of this is good because I drive over some streets that have not had a new coat of blacktop i…

For the last few 475 School Board meetings the subject of a new consolidated Early Childhood Center has been proposed and agreed to, also planning of the Center has started in earnest.

The time to vote and to decide who will represent us at the county, state, and federal levels of our government is here again. That means it is again time to decide who will represent us and have a say in how much we are taxed, how that money will be spent and on what.

I was thinking about the fact that the 475 School Board met on Thursday the 18th of August 2022 and what a change has come over the 475 School Board in the last few years.

All of us know that Geary Community Hospital has been struggling for years. The current Board of Trustees and current County Commission inherited the issues, and we were determined to find a solution. We can no longer kick the can down the road. Geary County needs to get out of the hospital …

I have lived in Junction City, Kansas for 12 years now. Since day one there has been a “late fee” associated with my water bill, and on less than a dozen occasions I have had to pay the late fee.

As a white woman married to a black man with biracial children, I have wondered what I can do to help end racial injustice in this nation. During COVID, a friend of mine introduced me to a book she was reading with some of her church parishioners. I decided to read it and see if it was a goo…

Over the last month I have kept track of the number of times that I was given a “Thank You” for doing business with a store in Junction City, Fort Riley and Manhattan.

I would like to share my perspective with my fellow Kansans as we move forward from the overturning of Roe V. Wade.

The Supreme Court has spoken, and the right to abortion is essentially ended for the time being. However, this will not satisfy the extreme right-wing forces at all, and it will not give them the result they want.

I went to a recent USD 475 School Board meeting, and the subject of adopting a Social Emotional Learning curriculum to teach was brought up with a cost of $109,458. The school administration said that this would help fulfill one of the School Board’s objectives.

Many Americans seem to feel that democracy is a reward that society reaps by enabling free, individualized action, mostly unrestrained by the government. After all, it’s all about freedom, isn’t it?

There’s an important election this November, and our children’s’ education is on the ballot.

Kansas has committed to take the necessary steps to end child poverty in Kansas. In 2021, the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) helped millions of families pay the bills and cut child poverty nearly in half.

In the past, the USD 475 School Board has put way too much emphasis on looking good by having the most impressive equipment and supplies.

I recently read an article on the internet that has medical school students and residents bemoaning the fact they are having a difficult time finding a medical school that will teach them abortion procedures.

I am officially announcing my intention to file to continue serving as Geary County Commissioner for District 1.

In 390 B.C., mid-way through Rome’s long democratic history, an orator named Camillus confronted a Rome defeated in war and burned to the ground. He stood up in what was left of the Forum and gave this challenge: don’t give up, remember our 400-year-old history, recover our greatness, celebrate our gods and rebuild.

I am most grateful for the way you welcomed me into your city and let me serve briefly as the kick-off director for Junction City Main Street. At every corner, I was greeted warmly and even when disagreements surfaced discussions were open and free of bitterness.

The 475 School Board has an area set aside for the command center of the vast security system of the school district.

How on earth was Putin able to talk his people into invading Ukraine? The simple answer is he has his hands on the means of communication, which includes the news agencies and education systems of the country. He also has his hands on the regular police force, the secret police and the military.

It seems to me that the City of Junction City really does not want to put the time, energy or money into growing Junction City. I say this because at every opportunity to grow, Junction City, its government and a vocal share of the city’s population are opposed to it.

There was plenty of soupy patriotism in both the President’s speech and Republican Governor Kim Reynolds response, but plenty of Mardi Gras voodoo also.

Today, America conducts democracy by opinion polling. What do the people think about Ukraine? Let’s be guided by that.

Are you concerned about the abuses of the federal government? The government regulates things they have no business controlling. There’s a massive imbalance between federal and state power. Spending and debt are out of control.

President Biden’s push for war to salvage the 2022 elections represents the absolute worst in American politics.

I was watching an old Television show a few nights ago and it came to me that even 65 years ago the underdog was always the one that came out on top. That is the underdog that captured the viewer’s emotions.

A well-intentioned mom titled her opinion piece in a Wyoming newspaper, “Instead of molding kids, behold them.”

Our disabled veterans are grossly under compensated. They've been asking various congresses and administrations for fair and adequate compensation since the end of WWI (1918). That was a 103 years ago!

Every day Americans scurry off in winter darkness to work physical construction sites and business-as-usual office settings. But where are folks scurrying off to work on social construction programs to build a better society and renew our nation’s traditional commitment to ethical living?

I am saddened to have to write with such a heavy heart. But your vote on redistricting cuts to the quick of how I understand what it means to be ethical and moral, what it means to watch over your fellow person, what it means to be courageous, what it means to be seeking God’s justice. Your vote causes me to share my disappointment with you.

I would like to challenge all members of the USD 475 Board of Education to wear a mask from 7 a.m., the time when many children get on a school bus, to 4 p.m., when those children are dropped off at home, five days a week.

This letter is in response to comments made during the January board meeting. You asked for our opinions on the mask mandate and possible effects on student learning.

Optimist International and affiliates, like the JC Breakfast Optimist Club, will celebrate Optimist Day on Feb. 3 this year.

“Don’t be that guy.” My youngest daughter Macey uses that quote often to remind us not to be the one who spoils the party. Even though we are not having a party or a family gathering here, I do believe Macey’s comment is applicable to working with city issues.

In the two and a half years I have lived in Junction City, I have noticed more and more trees and bushes all around the city become sickly looking, and many of them have died just in the past year.

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