I know most people do not get paid what they think they are worth. I know this because I have never heard anyone complain because they were being paid to much. I have never heard of anyone going to their boss and telling their boss to cut their pay by a dollar an hour or even a penny a month. This although I have heard many, many times that this or that person was not being paid enough for what they were doing. This was especially true during my over 40 years of working for the United States Government (22 years in Army and 19 years at the Post Office).

I have heard this from people who were sleeping on the job and at every other conceivable place and time doing every type of activity that you can imagine.

I also know that many people will do as little work as they can get away with. That is, if they can talk to others rather than work than they will. They will talk to anyone that they come in contact with for as long as possible, even those they do not like.

Anyone who has worked with others can regale you with stories about how others got over on them and they ended up having to do their own and the other person’s work as well.

Since most politicians know that this is true and they want to get voted into office or stay in office they pander to these two large groups (the paid to little and the lazy) of people. The politician will give these two groups of people something at almost every opportunity. That is most politicians will give these two groups of people more and more of the tax payers time and money. But they will give very little if any of their own time and money to these two groups or any other group for that matter. They always expect something in return.

A very good example of this is the $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” which was signed into law by President Biden on March 11, 2021. Now comes the $1 trillion “Infrastructure Package” and the $3.5 trillion “Antipoverty and Climate Package.”

If the last two bills are signed into law our politicians will have spent a total of near $18,000 per each United States citizen of new monies. That is monies spent by these three bills are not a part of the yearly budget that is suppose to be out by now but for years has been authorized by ever growing “Continuing Resolutions.”

Most all of this money is spent by the United States government so that the people in power can stay in power. That is so they will not have to tell the people who vote that they have to get along with less government help.

What a self-centered way to treat our grandchildren and great grandchildren by letting the politicians get away with this.

Gerald L. Gerloff

Junction City

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