We have just came through the Fourth of July and the Geary County Free Fair and after thinking about it for a little while, two things came to mind.

First off, the biggest employers as well as the governing bodies of the Junction City area sponsor little if any of the many events and activities that take place in the Junction City area. That is none of the big three taxing authorities, the 475 School District, Junction City and Geary County, spend much time, energy or money sponsoring or advertising things like the Forth of July or any of the other activities. They leave it up to the local sponsoring groups to let the public know that something is going on.

It seems to me that these taxing authorities got the word out all over that the sales tax receipts hit record highs during the Covid-19 era. It also seems to me that spending a small portion of that increase in revenue as a “Thank You” to the people who bought locally would be a worth while way of spending part of the windfall.

I know that other towns and cities around us were able to plan and carry out larger and in some cases much larger 4th of July celebrations than Junction City. It should be noted that they faced the same type of problems as we did here in Junction City.

This brings up the second thought. It seems that the people being paid to promote Junction City and Geary County are letting us down.

I say this because when I travel I look at the different travel brochures in hotel lobbies and such and I see little about Junction City, not even in Kansas.

They do not even seen to promote Milford Lake, the biggest lake in Kansas. In contrast, when I stop at rest stops and such in Iowa I often find information on Clear Lake, a large Lake in north central Iowa.

Also I see little if any promotion of the numerous smaller activities that take place in our community. Activities such as fishing tournaments, “Float Your Boat” and many more. Not to mention organizational and church fund raisers. The only public announcements of most of these activities are those generated by the group sponsoring the activity. That is only the sponsoring organization with no help or promotional attempt by the ones charged with promoting the Junction City Area.

It seems to me that the people charged with promoting our area would find one or two of these events of enough interest to give them wider spread publicity. Thereby calling attention to our area and bringing business and opportunity to Junction City.

They seem to think that going to conventions is the only way to promote the Junction City Area. But I believe spending a little time and energy on promoting the smaller activities that go on here sells Junction City and Geary County the best.

Gerald L. Gerloff

Junction City

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