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Holly Hendershot, Editor

I never thought my journalism career would land me in Junction City, Kansas, as the new editor of The Junction City Union newspaper. But here I am, and I love it here so far.

I was only 13 years old when I completed my English and writing requirements for high school because of my love for the subject. I knew I would be a writer, but I didn’t know it would lead me to a career in journalism.

I went to a small school in southwestern Pennsylvania, Waynesburg University, where I worked at and eventually became the executive editor of the school paper, The Yellow Jacket. I found a love for news writing while in school and became the managing editor of the small county newspaper before I even graduated. After my role there, and receiving my bachelor's degree in communications, I worked as a crime and community reporter for three counties south of Pittsburgh, where I gained more experience in my field.

I am a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honor Society of the National Communication Association. I also have a minor in theater, as that is my favorite hobby. I am a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the national theater honor society.

Now that I live here in Junction City, I am excited to be sharing my neighbors' stories and giving glimpses into their interesting lives and adventures. I believe real lives can be changed by stories, and real stories can illustrate changed lives. I’m looking forward to interacting with Geary County and the surrounding areas, searching for those stories to tell.

Becoming the editor of this paper has brought a new challenge into my life, but I’ve always found that when you love what you are doing, you find the time and energy to do it the right way. In my role, my goals are to make time for the community, answer the questions you have and consider every angle a story could take.

The biggest changes and growth in my life have occurred in the last few years, and my husband, Eddie, and I moving away from family in Pennsylvania has been one of the most trying and exciting undertakings. As the new editor of The Union, I am starting a new adventure in a place with so many wonderful people, and I am eager for the opportunities that will arise.

I’m optimistic that in upcoming editions, I will help people in Geary County and the surrounding area to learn more about their neighbors and businesses, helping the community to be informed and connected.

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