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Junction City High School’s football home opener has been postponed due to construction of the new high school building.

The start of the school had already been postponed to August 25th and preseason practice has been moved to the old high school but originally, all home athletic events were still set to happen on schedule.

However due to multiple delays throughout the construction process, the Blue Jays home opener versus Topeka High on Sept. 3 has been moved to Topeka on Sept. 2.

“We really just want to make sure that we’re good to go,” Junction City Athletics Director Matt Westerhaus said. “As much as I want to get in there and start using the facilities, I just want to be sure we have everything in place so people can start experiencing the full effect of what we can offer.”

Because of that, Junction will now open the season with three straight road games before making their home debut in their brand new stadium on Sept. 24 versus Washburn Rural.

Luckily for the Blue Jays, the delay will not cost them a home game as JCHS plays Topeka again during week six of the season.

Junction City also has multiple other athletics events scheduled for home at the beginning of the season including tennis, soccer and volleyball but no deliberation has been made on whether or not those will end up being postponed or moved to an alternate location.

“We’re kind of on a case-by-case situation on those,” Westerhaus said. “We’re still kind of in flux mode.”

If events do need to get moved, JCHS does still have access to the old high school campus which is currently where summer practice and possibly some preseason fall practice will be held but Westerhaus expressed confidence that by the time Junction City is scheduled to host their new home opener versus Washburn Rural, the Blue Jays will be all set to fully practice and compete in their new home.

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