Junction City’s Tyler Atkins (1534) runs at the Centennial League Cross Country Championships on Saturday morning at Milford State Park. Atkins finished sixth overall

Junction City participated in the Centennial League cross country championships at Milford State Park on Saturday. The girls finished in 5th place scoring 98 points and the boys finished in 3rd place scoring 87.


Junction City finished in 5th place out of six with a score of 98.

Washburn Rural finished in 1st place with a score of 50.

Brynna York placed 8th with a time of 20:01.03.

Lorna Rae Pierce placed 11th with a time of 20:12.7

Reagan McGuire placed 21st with a time of 21:03.8.

Katelyn Atkins placed 27th with a time of 22:06.6.

Kourtney Dibben placed 31st with a time of 22:57.5.

Murin Burkett placed 33rd with a time of 22:57.5.

Amyah O’Neal placed 36th with a time of 23:26.3.


Junction City finished in 3rd place out of eight with a score of 87.

Manhattan finished in 1st place with a score of 32.

Tyler Atkins placed 6th with a time of 16:47.4.

Alex Curto placed 14th with a time of 17:29.1.

Isaiah Smith placed 14th with a time of 17:31.0

Ty Raulston placed 19th with a time of 17:48.1.

Hayden Diestelkamp placed 32nd with a time of 18:22.3.

Neil Crowley placed 39th with a time of 18:43.3.

Johnny Rushing placed 40th with a time of 18:44.1.

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