The Junction City girls soccer team huddle after a team scrimmage at Al Simpler Stadium on March 23.

Junction City girls’ soccer experienced how tough life can get in the Centennial League last week after braving two shutout losses in the span of just a couple of days. The Lady Jays (4-5) lost 9-0 at Topeka Hayden (6-3) on Monday before losing 7-0 to Topeka Seaman (4-4-1) on Friday.

“We’d like to keep the games a little bit closer,” DeHoff said. “I feel like we competed well in both of the games but the scoreline just got out of hand a little bit and that happens sometimes. They’re two really good teams that work well together and move quickly. They’re really good attacking teams and that really stressed our defense.”

In their game at home versus Seaman, the Vikings led 4-0 at the half after nailing a 35-yard goal and a penalty kick that crested the bottom of the goal as it went in.

The Lady Jays will try to get things back rolling in the right direction this week on Tuesday when they travel to Wichita to face the Wichita Homeschool warriors in a rematch from their game back on April 6 when the Warriors won in Junction City 3-0. They’ll then travel to Topeka High (4-4) on Wednesday.

“It will be interesting,” DeHoff said. “We’ve seen them once and they’ve seen us. We feel like it was a tight game and the scoreline just got away from us the first time so we’re looking forward to showing them that we’re two equally matched teams and hopefully snagging our own win from them. We’ve played a couple teams twice in the past but no very often so it’s kind of special to get the opportunity to do this, especially when it’s a team you feel like you can be able to get at a little bit more than you did the first time.”

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