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Holly Hendershot

“Some people have Jet skis, some people have bass-boats, some people like to go to casinos or to Florida on vacation or they travel the world,” Chris Wood, owner of Copperwood Farm, stated. “For us? It’s our goats.”

The library is wearing our hearts on our sleeves as well as our windows, doors and more. In addition to the upcoming Valentine’s Day, this is also due to the kickoff of the annual winter fundraisers for our book donation program, DBPL at DBPL: Donating Books to Promote Literacy.

Let us just get something out of the way at the beginning. The story of Jesus turning water in to wine at the Wedding at Cana in John 2:1-11 is ample fodder for many jokes. To be honest, I have seen so many memes about this story over the years that it is power as scripture seems to have worn a bit thin. We can do better.

Last week we discussed the Creatan Bull, a simple task that seemed like a turning point for Heracles. His next labor has Heracles claiming the mares of King Diomedes.

“Don’t be that guy.” My youngest daughter Macey uses that quote often to remind us not to be the one who spoils the party. Even though we are not having a party or a family gathering here, I do believe Macey’s comment is applicable to working with city issues.

In crop production, we know that fertilizer is an important part of producing a good crop. We also know that it can be an expensive part of that crop production bill.

Friday, Gov. Laura Kelly signed House Bill 2477, which extends provisions in Executive Orders 22-01 and 22-02 until next year on Jan. 20. The bill allows staffing flexibility at health care and long-term care facilities throughout the state to address staffing shortages that continue to strain the health care system.

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